Daily Writing Journal: Monday, March 30th

Just got back from Thailand and Nepal and I’m excited to start this new writing project. For a year now I’ve been working hard on my writing. Coming into year two, these are my goals: 1) create more 2) share more.

While traveling I carried two notebooks, one black and one brown. The brown one I used to practice these “Daily Writing Journals” that I’ll be publishing on this website, 5 days a week, every weekday morning at 8am Eastern Standard Time. They are like blogs but shorter, only a paragraph or two or three. They’ll be about writing, literary techniques, the writing process, and how to become a superhero. Whatever I’m learning and reading at the time.

I’ve learned so much this year from other authors, through podcasts and books and articles. I’m trying to put all that I’ve learned into action, and share it onward.

The other notebook, the black one, I used to write ideas. Every day I wrote 10 ideas for short story plots. That’s 300 ideas over the course of the month! If 95% of those ideas sucked, well I’m still left with 15 decent ones. I’m going to turn those ideas into stories (with any luck) and publish one short story every month.

So this is Journal Entry #1. Here’s to a kickass year. It’s time to get to work.


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