How to Repay the Universe: Thursday, April 23rd

By some wondrous stroke of luck I was born straight plop into the universe.

I was given life and consciousness and a chance to feel joy. And now I’m here with all of you, traveling on our pretty planet through the cosmos. We’re circling around a fiery sphere of gas that’s a million times larger than our own little rock. The earth is our spaceship and our bodies are spacesuits.

The best and most appropriate gift that I can give the universe, in return for my own life, is to do the work that ONLY I am capable of doing.

I can combat fear and insecurity by capitalizing on my own uniqueness. I am a poor version of everyone else, but a powerful version of myself.

The universe smiles when we act like ourselves.


2 thoughts on “How to Repay the Universe: Thursday, April 23rd

  1. Hey Jackson! This post inspired me – it’s so true, and something I always need to try and remind myself. I’m stoked to read some of your stories and, for myself, to keep fighting through the phase that Ira Glass talked about. Keep up the creating, and I hope you’re loving Korea! It was a lovely home for me for a long time.


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