Create More, Share More: Tuesday, April 28th

1) Create More, 2) Share More

These are my two writing goals for the year.

It’s a fundamental aspect of my character that I’m happiest when I’m making things. Making things out of nothing is fun. It’s satisfying. It brings real happiness (not fleeting french-fry happiness). All life-long I’ve been making things: maybe it was a tree fort, a plywood speaker box, an American Gladiators obstacle course, a mock radio show, a pencil sketch, or a journal entry.

Songs-making and Video-editing are other sandboxes that I like to play in – admittedly I’m not so hot when it comes to either of these disciplines. But my happiness doesn’t know that.

Probably I’m not the exception to the rule. My hunch is that we’re all happiest when we’re creating things.

Professional artists are mystical superheroes because they’ve somehow managed to maintain a spirit of creativity and playfulness even into adulthood. We like to point fingers and call them “sellouts”, but that’s only because we’re jealous.

Imagine this scenario: Your family is gone for the week on vacation and they left you alone. Not because they don’t like you, quite the opposite: they love you and they want you to have some “me” time. All the chores are done. Money is a non-issue. All you have is space and money and time.

Now remember, you don’t want to squander this opportunity. You don’t just want to lay drunk in your underwear on the couch all week, because this is your one life, and someday when you’re laying in your grave you’re gonna need some good memories to keep you company.

You’ve got a whole week. What are you going to make? What are you going to create?

Whatever your answer is, that’s probably the work that you were born to do. (If you don’t remember, just travel back in time and ask your 9-year old self. Odds are they’ll know the answer.)


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