Home Schooled Author: Friday, June 12th

This morning I listened to a podcast with a 16 year old kid who’s got 9 books published on Amazon. The kid’s name is Mark Messick. At age 11 he dropped out of school and his parents began homeschooling Mark and all his siblings.

Soon after beginning the homeschooling process, Mark discovered that he loved writing. His parents encouraged him. They bought him some books about writing, and they helped him arrange his schedule so that he could finish all of his “regular” schoolwork and chores by lunchtime – leaving his afternoons free to write his stories.

Now he’s 16 and he makes $2,000 – $4,000 per month from his books. Even more importantly, he’s built a valuable skill set and a network of relationships that will help him going forward. And he’s only 16.

Mark doesn’t know if he’ll go to college or not. Right now, he doesn’t think so.


I’m impressed with Mark and I’m rooting for him. I hope that his current success is only the beginning.

He’s a reminder to me that time is the most valuable resource. That being yourself is always the best option. And that whatever excuses I make about my age, my skill, my time, or my lot in life – well they just aren’t good enough.



3 thoughts on “Home Schooled Author: Friday, June 12th

  1. I love that your last two stories have been inspirational pieces about Marks and Mark is your middle name. Coincidence? I think not!! Keep it up Tandy!!


  2. This is an inspirational story. It shows that either the situation or age does not matter, as long as you are happy in what you do it will soon become a success.


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