Writing Routine: Tuesday, June 16th

My writing routine needs some tweaking. So far in June I’ve been surviving but not exploding. My productivity’s been fair but not furious.

First I’m going to write at a different time of day. I’ve always been a morning person, and for the last two years I’ve been writing primarily in the mornings. But recently I switched to writing in the afternoons, and it worked well for a while. My wife is at work in the afternoons, and my friends and family in the States are all asleep (because of the Korea->America time difference). The other thing I like about writing later in the day is, there’s a little more pressure. I’m a person who needs pressure and deadlines. And in the morning I often feel like, “well, if I don’t finish, I can always finish later today.” That’s why I made the switch from mornings to afternoons.

But lately I’ve felt like my energy is drained by the time I get around to writing. Too many other errands pop up and distract from the writing. So I’m going to switch back to mornings. And it isn’t an easy switch – it involves readjusting my whole week and time schedule. I simply can’t wake up at 5 or 6am unless I’m in bed by 9 or 10pm. It’s easy for a day, but I can’t sustain it over time unless I make it a habit.

The other thing I need to change is I need to prep these blog posts on the weekends. Each one of these posts takes me 1 or 2 hours to write, re-write, and post. So some days I’m frustrated when, only having an hour of free time to write, I have to focus on the blog-posts instead of my stories. The stories are the number one priority, so I can’t afford to push them aside. Also, if I don’t write stories every day then I quickly start to lose the groove, the flow, the ease of jumping in and out of the creative mind. So if I can prep these blogs on the weekend (which I’ve done a couple times but not often), then I can really pave a good path for myself going into the week.


Sometimes a change is worth it, simply for the sake of making a change. Like I said, I’m doing fine, but fine isn’t what I’m aiming for. I want each month to build on the one before it. I want to keep the snowball rolling and picking up speed. So it’s time for a change.


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