What’s Happening in 2017

Hello everyone.

The blog is on hiatus right now.

For the past two years I’ve used this blog to talk about…

  • Story Structure
  • Creativity
  • Novel Writing
  • Health/Inspiration/Motivation

Now it’s time for me to bring all that research to bear on my own novel. Book 1 of my fantasy series, Turtle Island, is still in the works.

I’ve been working with a professional developmental editor for the past 8 months. My novel is coming along, and in the meantime I’m getting a crash course in writing from someone who does what I want to do – someone who deals in words for a living. Most importantly, I’m getting direct feedback on my writing. Which is scary, and painful, and exactly what I need.

I still plan to have the novel published on Amazon in 2017. But because this is my first time going through the process, it’s hard for me to judge exactly what month I’ll be able to publish.

My blog hasn’t slowed to a halt because I don’t care about writing anymore; it’s just that, I’m trying to stop talking about writing and do the damn thing.

When I do re-start the blog, I’m actually considering doing it in the form of a podcast. In my podcast I plan to break down famous novels, especially fantasy trilogies and series like…The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. The podcast will be the result of some intense reading and studying I’ve done in preparation for my own fantasy trilogy. Because how better to learn than by taking notes from the greats?


But the podcast is not right now. Right now I’m in radio silence mode. Working my day job, day dreaming about writing during my day job, and coming home every evening to write.

So that’s where I’m at. When I’m back here next, I’ll be carrying a basket of good news.



Storytellers Wanted: Thursday, April 30th

The world needs new writers more than ever.

Some are afraid of the self-publishing boom. They say the market is flooding. They say it’ll be impossible to get noticed anymore.

(Wherever change is happening, people are always going to worry their faces off – that’s a given.)

But the truth really is that the world needs new writers and new stories immediately.

Dickens was 150 years ago. Twain was 130 years ago. Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” was published nearly 60 years ago! Soon Kerouac and Hemingway and Vonnegut will be as wierd for kids to read as Chaucer and Shakespeare.

Walker Percy was a doctor who transformed himself into an award-winning novelist. Percy said that the job of the modern writer is to illuminate and diagnose the symptoms of our present condition. The job of the writer is simple in this regard, to write plainly about how the world looks and feels.

This very instant, every person on the planet is arriving at the present moment; none of us know exactly what to do next.

If stories help us, and I believe they do, then we need as many new stories as we can get.

History is flooded with stories. The market is flooded with stories. But your unique story from your unique perspective is still untold. It’s a blank canvass, a baby, an unplanted seed.